Marc Mathieu

Samsung: Casey Neistat will eat agencies for breakfast.

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On stage with top YouTube influencer Casey Neistat, Samsung’s Marc Mathieu showed how the brand is very serious in its working with creators. In an interview with TheDrum, the phone maker furter describes how it has been working directly with YouTube influencers to promote its (mobile) products. Casey Neistat, the YouTube enfant terrible with 7.8 million subscribers on YouTube, and another whopping 3.5 million on Facebook and Instagram  is even […]

Marc Pritchard

Marc Pritchard (P&G): Winter is coming

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It’s a fist in the face of the media industry. Marc Pritchard, CMO of P&G, swung his baseball bat eloquently from the central stage at Dmexco, right in the whitened teeth of the mostly digital audience. In nutshell, he blames poor overall viewability, shady agency contracts and deals, a blatant lack of transparency, a lack of third party verification, a worrying loom of ad fraud, and the incompetence to deliver […]