The Third Wave

The Third Wave

We should have moved from the industrial age into the digital age by now, but… have we?

There clearly is some crackling noise on the marketing line. There are some mild symptoms of a digital hangover: ad-blindness, viewability, fake news, ad-blockers.

Burning signs on the wall, change is needed.

After the exponential growth of the GAFAM five (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft), brands and companies are sailing into new seas.

Are you familiar with Civic Tech, Value Perception, Moments Marketing, Brand Purpose, Caring Objects, Dynamic Diversity? How close are you to the Datapocalypse?

Can you project your brand in mixed reality? Do you know the rules of the virtual worlds? Is your transparency blockchain grade?

How will ubiquitous Artifial Intelligence affect your business? Is the echo-chamber clouding your judgement?


The Third Wave presentation gives you a crystal clear path to the future, gives you a look at the coming changes from the  very eye of the storm.

Our strategists based this exceptional journey on interviews with top decision-takers and rainmakers; on the SxSW,  CES2017, and Dmexco conferences; on 49 fabulous books; and a 157 combined years of spotting the right waves for corporate leaders of some of the world’s leading brands.

This presentation will change how you will look at the future of your business.


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